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Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges in the Pennsylvania state or federal courts, you want a law firm with the experience, guts and the dedication to fight for you. You want the law office of Patrick Artur & Associates.

The founder of our firm, defense attorney Patrick Artur, has won hundreds of jury trials in his 35 years of defending people in criminal court and in appeals. If your case goes to trial, he will personally handle your defense and stand by your side in the courtroom.

Contact a Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer at our firm to start building your defense.

The Firm You Hire When Your Case May Go to Trial

We are not the firm to hire if you want to pay an attorney $500 to cop a plea. Sure, we will negotiate with the prosecution and inform you of all plea offers. If the prosecution is generous, we certainly won't be upset if you choose to accept a fantastic plea agreement. However, we are known as hard-nosed criminal defense lawyers for a reason: We take cases to trial.

Our goal in each case is a "not guilty" verdict. Nothing sounds better to our ears than to hear those two simple but empowering words. People hire us because they know we will aggressively counter criminal charges using every tool, maneuver, strategy, and tactic within the law to protect their rights, record and freedom.

Defending You From State and Federal Crimes

At our firm, we defend clients from a wide range of state and federal crimes, including:

We are on the cutting edge of evolving criminal law, with the technical knowledge to handle complex Internet, computer and financial crimes.

Are You Under Investigation?

In many instances, we have helped clients who were under investigation by the feds or local law enforcement. Our attorneys can help you avoid criminal charges and the embarrassment of public trial.

Contact a Norristown, Pennsylvania, Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

Call 215-530-6666 or contact a Norristown, Pennsylvania, sex crime defense attorney online to discuss your case. If you need to reach Patrick Artur personally, contact his cell phone at 215-530-6666.

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